Vaulker Limited provides and installs rendering systems for all kinds of buildings, with practical & bespoke designs to suit your project. We have 30 years experience of working in the construction industry, providing a professional and high quality installation of K-Rend, Wetherby, Weber along with other render systems.

Vaulker Limited can install a range of rendering systems that will best suit the customer’s specific needs, this can be for aesthetics, damp, insulation or damaged brickwork.

What Is Rendering

Rendering is a process to protect exposed brick, stone and other construction materials from cracking and erosion, stopping expensive repairs and maintenance over the years. The exposed material is covered with a mixture made up of cement, lime, acrylic or a similar mixture.

Rendering extends your wall’s lifetime by ten or even twenty years. It stops dampness and moisture from getting in and damaging your walls plus adding a layer of insulation. This keeps your house dryer and warmer, even in rainy and cold weather.

Rendering the exterior of you house can also make it more aesthetically pleasing. It will hide any eroded, cracked and unsightly bricks giving a more modern and sleek look to your home.


External monocouche render is very popular due to the being more flexible than sand and cement, its waterproof and is through coloured. The constant changing climate across the UK makes this a great choice and is available in a range of colours and modern finishes to give you the look you desire.

Insulated Render

EWIS (external wall insulation system) is a thermally insulated, protective and decorative exterior cladding procedure which involves using expanded polystyrene, polyurethane or phenolic form, mineral wool, cover with reinforced mesh, cement based render and a mineral or synthetic finish. This significantly improving the thermal efficiency of the building.

Silicone Render

Silicone render is the most flexible system on the market, meaning there will be no cracking over its lifespan. The top of the range system gives so many benefits, easy to apply, self-cleaning along with being highly durable and breathable making it an excellent choice of system in most situations.

How Much Does Rendering Cost?

This is one of the first questions everyone asks and so we always try and give a guide price but the project needs to be seen and measured to give an accurate cost.

The main factor is the size of the area. The bigger the area, the more materials you need, and the more it will cost.

Then you have the type of render. The standard is cement render across the construction industry. These are tough, versatile and affordable. Then there is the labour for mixing and fixing and the weather-proof paint, this will then make up the cost for you.

There is also acrylic render which is slightly more expensive but more benefits like it comes pre-mixed, easier to apply which will mean less labour hours and is less likely to crack when the temperature and humidity fluctuate, so it is a great option for areas that have drastic climate changes throughout the year.

Which ever material you use rendering is a low-budget way to improve and modernise the area.

For Rendering, Speak to the Team at Vaulker

Vaulkers main objective is 1st class work while delivering the project on time and within budget.

We are committed to working with our clients to ensure they choose the right solution for their need.

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